b'ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTLowndes CountyWith 15 industry announcements, 2019After a four-year recruitment process,For more than 20 years, CJB Industries, was a banner year for Lowndes Countyconstruction started on a $123 millionInc. has grown into a national leader with more than 380 new jobs andglass manufacturing facility forin chemical manufacturing and approximately $181 million in capitalArglass Yamamura, LLC. Expectedchemical packaging services. In 2015, investments.to begin production in Octoberthe company established CJB Applied 2020, Arglass will add approximatelyTechnologies to focus on assisting its Recognized nationally, LendEDU, a150 new jobs to Lowndes Countyscustomers with the formulation and financial comparison website, namedworkforce.commercial development of products, Valdosta as one of the best-positionedspecifically in plant health and related cities for economic advancement in theIn addition to Arglass, employmentareas. new decade. Through analyzing a varietynumbers in Lowndes County will of socioeconomic factors, includingcontinue to grow thanks to existingMoving out from under CJB Industries income growth, population chanted, andindustry expansion from Ace Electric,into a standalone facility, CJB Applied educational attainment, LendEDU rankedBetter Way Products, and CJBTechnologies started construction on Valdosta #149 out of 400 U.S. cities.Industries.a 10,000-square-foot facility in the Miller Business Park. The $2.5 million This ranking is reflective of theWith a new fabrication facility, Acebuilding will include laboratories, a partnership of organization that providesElectric will expand its footprint insmall greenhouse for testing, and a education and skill development,Lowndes County with a $5.5 millionnature walk. job creation and retention, industryfacility and the addition of 15 jobs. recruitment, and all the other key ingredients that promote our economicA leader in original equipment vitality here in Valdosta, Lowndes County,manufacturing, Better Way Products,$181MILLIONsays Andrea Schruijer, executive directorbased in Indiana, will invest $750,000 in equipment and renovations on itsINVESTEDof the Valdosta-Lowndes Development Authority. Our community has a lot ofcurrent 217,000-square-foot facility.389 JOBSmomentum heading into 2020. The expansion will result in 86 new jobs during the next three years. CREATED VALDOSTA-LOWNDES COUNTY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITYStellar Year: Groundbreaking for Arglass Yamamura was just one of 15 industry projects for Valdosta, Lowndes County in 201944 SG MAGAZINE | WINTER 2020 BUSINESS + CULTURE 45'