b'Similar to a puzzle, all the pieces had to fit perfectly to bring Arglass to Lowndes County.VALDOSTA-LOWNDES COUNTY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITYWe performed several environmental tests to make sure the proposed site could accommodateWhen we talk about our this type of industry, says Schruijer, who worked on the Arglass project for more than four years.workforce, we include 30 to For instance, we had to make sure the land60 miles out. Our labor force could hold the weight of a facility this big. Schruijer explained that Arglass has a criticalanalysis includes surrounding need for multiple power sources, includingcommunities. Also, its important electrical and natural gas. what our colleges and technical Once they light the furnace, it takes up to 30 days to reach the required temperature, sheschools, as well as high schools, says. Then it cant go out; the furnace has to run Announcement: Gov. Brian Kemp joined state and local leaders for the groundbreaking of Arglass Yamamura seven days a week, 24 hours a day, all year. are teaching and how theyMost of our employees will go to EuropeWhen completed, Arglass will join Southare preparing students with Georgias diverse industry mix. With a history for several months of training, saysof agriculture production and food processing,marketable skills to enter the Arozamena. We are looking for people with the ability to learn a new skill, havethe region also serves as a hub for advancedworkforce.a positive attitude, and strong desire tomanufacturing and warehouse distribution succeed with us in the glass industry. services. - ANDREA SCHRUIJERHaving Valdosta State University and Wiregrass Georgia Technical College in the region provides Arlgass and other companies with an accessible and trainable workforce. When we talk about our workforce, we I am extremely pleased to welcome Arglass include 30 to 60 miles out, says AndreaYamamura to Lowndes County and into our Schruijer, executive director of thediverse group of industries, says Bill Slaughter, Valdosta-Lowndes County Developmentchairman of the Lowndes County Board of Authority. Our labor force analysisCommissioners. Creating quality jobs for our includes surrounding communities. Also,residents is a top priority for local officials. We its important what our colleges andknow that Arglass Yamamura is committed technical schools, as well as high schools,to outstanding corporate citizenship as it are teaching and how they are preparingbecomes a major employer in our community.students with marketable skills to enter the workforce. From the first request for information to multiple site visits, Schruijer says, The real story with the Arlgass project is howEconomic Impact: Andrea Schrujer, executive WES SEWELLLowndes County and all the differentdirector of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Development Authorityplayers stepped-up and worked together to overcome all the obstacles and mitigatearglass.usany risks.buildlowndes.comWES SEWELLNew Industry: Jose de Diega Arozamena, CEO of Arglass Yamamura38 SG MAGAZINE | WINTER 2020 BUSINESS + CULTURE 39'