b'ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTIt has been a domino effect. Beginning with Messer, the new substation was built, thereby creating a new opportunity to attract Blockstream and also other industries in the future.CITY OF ADEL- LISA COLLINSTech Recruitment:Center (formerly Cook Medical Center)We play a role in nearly everyThe excess of power was also instrumental Adel, Cook Countyofficially opened Oct. 1, 2019, and hasmanufacturing industry, says Foster. Wein Cook Countys recruitment of welcomes Blockstream,already created 94 new jobs.are not the end product, but we are helpingBlockstream, a bitcoin and blockchain a bitcoin and blockchain technology company our customers produce their best possibletechnology company whose active After two years of construction, the $40product.customers include Fidelity Center for Visible Growth million Messer Americas (formerly LindeApplied Technology and LinkedIn founder Corp.) plant started production in earlyServing thousands of industries, Foster says,Reid Hoffman. With an initial $20 million 2019.You really cant get out of bed without Cook County Adds $110 million, 130+ Jobs using one of the products we serve. Frominvestment and the creation of 25 jobs, As the worlds largest privately-heldBlockstreams goal is to generate $270 packaged foods to natural gas to run MRI P roviding a successful road map for industry growth, Cook County has easy access to major interstatesindustrial gases company, and leader in themachines in hospitals, Messer even helpsmillion in capital investment and create up production of atmospheric gases, Messerto 100 jobs in Cook County. (I-75 and I-10) and state roads, and rail service, along with a robust infrastructure, skilled workforce,launch rockets and put the fizz in soda.and customized incentive options.Americas specializes in the developmentOnce again, Adel was selected because and delivery of industrial, medical, andWhen selecting its second Georgia location,of its ability to produce large amounts of Providing a successful road map for industry growth, Cook County has easy access to majorspecialty gases.Foster says, There were multiple sites to electricity at a competitive price, says interstates (I-75 and I-10) and state roads, and rail service, along with a robust infrastructure,With an initial employment base of 18, Ginaconsider, but Cook County, especially theCollins. Our industrial park is in close skilled workforce, and customized incentive options.City of Adel, made it easy to invest there. Gibbs Foster, vice president of corporateproximity to an ITS (Integrated Transmission In 2019, Cook County, located between Valdosta and Tifton, added a state-of-the-art healthcarecommunications at Messer Americas, says,In recruiting Messer Americas, Lisa Collins,System) line, and this was a great incentive facility, air separation plant, and blockchain data center to its expanding industrial base.We will continue to ramp up staffing overexecutive director of the Cook Countyfor Blockstream and Messer. time, as required to safely and reliablyEconomic Development Commission, saysComparing the scale of power required, Highly visible along Interstate 75, the $50 million replacement facility for Southwell Medicalmeet customer demand for the essentialhaving an abundance of electrical power the City of Adel uses approximately 24 products produced at our Adel plant. was a top industry strength.megawatts of power, and Blockstream will With two facilities located in Georgia,One of our biggest selling points is ourrequire up to 270 megawatts when they are fully operational.You really cant get out of bedincluding Cartersville, Foster says, Theability to provide electrical power to Adel facility is critical to the companysindustries at a competitive price, she With Adel serving as its own utility provider, without using one of the productsgrowth strategy, which includes scalingsays. If an industry needs more than 900companies using high-levels of electricity, we serve. From packaged foods toup to meet the demands of customerskilowatts of power, they can choose theirlike Messer and Blockstream, represent a throughout the Southeast and buildingelectrical provider, referencing Georgias substantial revenue for the city.natural gas to run MRI machines insupply reliability to a wide range ofcompetitive bid process known as Customer hospitals, Messer even helps launchmarkets. Choice.It has been a domino effect, says Collins. Beginning with Messer, the new rockets and put the fizz in soda.Messer Americas serves a diverseWe can supply all the power Messer needs,substation was built, thereby creating a new customer base that includes healthcare,thanks to an $8 million substation built - GINA GIBBS FOSTER food and beverage, water treatment,by MEAG (Municipal Electric Authority ofopportunity to attract Blockstream and also other industries in the future.chemicals and specialties, metals, oil andGeorgia), says Collins. The substation gas, pulp and paper, and electronics. provides more than enough power to meet Messers demands and more. 50 SG MAGAZINE | WINTER 2020 BUSINESS + CULTURE 51'