b'Protecting Your Past, PresentPCOMA Game-Changer: Gov. Brian Kemp and PCOM President and CEO Jay S. Feldstein, DO 81, were among the featured speakers onand FutureAug. 6, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for PCOM South GeorgiaWith South Georgias critical need for physicians and healthcareAn ambitious goal, Grogan knows that Colquitt County, and members of the community have asked me what they can do toprofessionals, studies have shown that physicians educated andother South Georgia communities, will have to join forces to facilitate our studies and success in Moultrie. Thus far, I have nothingtrained in a region are more likely to remain in the area to practicecreate the types of jobs that will keep PCOM graduates in the but positive things to say about Moultrie and look forward to mymedicine.area.next three and a half years here.We dont want to be a revolving door, says Barbara Grogan,PCOM is the starting point; it represents uncharted territory, Growth Has No Boundaries president of Moultrie-Colquitt County Development Authority.says Grogan. Because PCOM is here in our community, we are Community leaders want PCOM students, like Perez, to becomeWhen the students come here, take classes and hopefully do theiralready seeing interest from companies that need employees acclimated with South Georgia and choose to make this theirresidency in the region, we want them to choose to stay here andwith science-based degrees. permanent home.work because they have become familiar with our region.With hundreds of professional options, not all medical graduateschoose the traditional career path as a physician. Most people think medical and pharmaceutical jobs, but there are a lot morePlan for your familys future with Paul optionsjust think about companies that need researchers to work in labs, or have knowledge and experience in medicalHamilton,SouthGeorgiastrusted research sciences.estateplanningadvisorforlegal Having a tremendous capacity to grow, Grogan says PCOMadvice and guidance including wills, South Georgia brings an immeasurable ability to increase the regions workforce.trusts, elder law, estate litigation andNot only is there availability for PCOM to expand but as along-term care planning.community, we have opportunities that we didnt have before, she says. This is a unique industry project, and its not just one big business that creates a lot of jobs, it has far-reaching potential to recruit other science-based industries to our region. HamiltonEstatePlanning.compcom.edu 2918 N. Oak StreetValdosta, GA 31602229-207-0850Inaugural Class: PCOM South Georgias first class represents 59 doctor of osteopathic medicine students28 SG MAGAZINE | WINTER 2020 BUSINESS + CULTURE 29'