b'QUESTIONS & ANSWERSSGAMAG: How would you describe yourI think the top three challenges we face are talent acquisitionwork and the best place to practice medicine. It is imperative management style? and management, removing waste and becoming highlybecause there are so many choices for this very special efficient and reliable, and remaining centered on why we exist.workforce to choose from.I consider my approach to leading people and managing change participative and engaging. I operate on theAttracting the very best talent is our number one challenge.Another great challenge for the health care system of today is to premise that trust is the great enabler. When one is trusted,We have an outstanding group of nurses, physicians, andremove waste and become highly efficient and reliable in all we others are much more likely to follow and embrace changeprofessionals with diverse backgrounds and training. Todaydo. Waste comes in many different forms; wasted money spent, and challenges. Trust fuels engagement of others, and engagement enables alignment on what matters most. And SGAMAG: In your first few months at SGMC, you havewhen a group of people trust each other and are engaging PAT GALLAGHERengaged in a series of listening sessions, what have youone another in meaningful discussion, progress toward the learned from these conversations? goals occur. The team then excels at what they are trying to accomplish, and individuals on the team and our patients, What Ive learned most is everyone I talked with wants Southguests, employees, and physicians win, and winning is Georgia Medical Center to win. And winning means SGMC is thecontagious! best place to receive care and services; SGMC is the best place toAlso, I like to keep things simple, not too terribly lofty. Ive practice medicine; and, SGMC is the best place to work. Everyonefound when we narrow the focus to a vital few priorities, we wants our hospital and system to be trusted, to be safe, kind,tend to remain on track, and progress is more likely. This is and advanced in our capabilities, and to be easily accessible,often quite challenging with the volume of opportunities to always. And in the end, all Ive spoken with wants SGMC to be aimprove that come our way. But when we do keep our focus hospital and health delivery system they are proud of; to be theirand we underpin our leadership decisions with a great why, unquestioned hospital of choice such there is no debate aboutthe why explains the purpose for decisions and direction that where one should go for care.Im really proud of our entire team of employees, volunteers, and physicians for stepping up to this challenge. We have accepted the challenge and are ready to get going.- RONNIE DEANleads to clarity about what we are trying to accomplish. These conversations have been helpful and are appreciatedWhen this happens, the team rallies around the objective. ItsTeam SGMC: Ronnie Dean, SGMC CEO, with Ortho/Neuro Unit nurses Emily Wetherington, left, and Shemika Mossbecause they serve as a natural first step in identifying what isat this time when the patient, guest, physician, and employee desired and needed. Now we are moving through a planningrealize the great experience we want SGMC to be known for.process to meet these needs and expectations by becomingwe can add 20 or more additional physicians in practices andwasted time, wasted supplies, wasted steps. Waste finds its highly focused on what can make the greatest initial impact. ImSGAMAG: What do you see as a few of theroles. The same for nurses and other professionals. But first,way into the system in many different ways, and it has a direct really proud of our entire team of employees, volunteers, andchallenges hospitals face today, especially those inwe need to focus on how to keep the good ones we currentlyimpact on our patients, guests, physicians, and employees. It physicians for stepping up to this challenge. We have acceptedrural communities? have. So this challenge is about creating and maintaining anconsumes precious and limited resources that could be used the challenge and are ready to get going. organizational culture that speaks SGMC is the best place toto satisfy other needs, and it prevents us from being the highly 16 SG MAGAZINE | WINTER 2020 BUSINESS + CULTURE 17'