b'NAVIGATING CHANGEAnytime we can get Bertha in front of people to talk about the census, we are there, says Adams. Sometimes, its a We are working towardmore structured event. Last year, we set up an information booth at a migrant an accurate count. Its notcamp and gave out information.about increasing or evenPartnering with Valdosta State University, Adams says Colquitt County has received decreasing the numbers.customized marketing materials, including those translated in Spanish, at We want to make sureno cost. everyone living in ColquittThe printed materials are specifically Countyall ages, races,tailored to the audience, says Adams. We want to make sure the message is and segments of theappropriate, and that people understand how the census relates to them community are counted. personally.- SARAH ADAMSEvery.One.Counts.With the 2020 U.S. Census scheduled to start on April 1, the Pew Research Center reports that Americans overwhelmingly are aware of it, and more than 80 percent In Colquitt County, Hispanics and Latinos represent a largesay they will definitely or probably part of the HTC population. participate. That leaves approximately 16 percent with some uncertainty about From the 2000 to 2010 census, Colquitt County gainedresponding.3,445 people, with 93 percent of the gain identified as Hispanic or Latino. Adams says while there is an emphasis CENSUS.GEORGIA.GOVplaced on the Hispanic and Latino With only 78.3 percent of Colquitt Countys householdspopulations, the Colquitt County LCCC mailing back their 2010 Census questionnaire, there is roomis also working to make sure the census for improvement in the 2020 Census count.message reaches all segments of the Sarah Adams, the University of Georgia Archwaycommunity. Professional for Colquitt County, is working with ColquittStarting last year, LCCC members were Countys LCCC to help educate and build an awarenessvisible at events such as the Sunbelt Ag surrounding the 2020 Census. To reach this crucial demographicAs a volunteer, Riojas-Jasso is part ofExpos (which brings more than 80,000 We are working toward an accurate count, says Adams.audience, Adams turned to the assistanceColquitt Countys LCCC and is workingvisitors to the region), fall festivals, and Its not about increasing or even decreasing the numbers.of Bertha Riojas-Jasso, a programdirectly with the Hispanic and Latinosporting events. We want to make sure everyone living in Colquitt County assistant for the University of Georgiascommunities. Having worked with ColquittAdams says there are misconceptions all ages, races, and segments of the community areExpanded Food and Nutrition ProgramCountys 2010 Census efforts, Riojas-Jassoabout the census. One of the biggest counted. (EFNEP). Through her already establishedsays she is happy to volunteer her timepush backs Ive received when talking Census Outreach: Sarah Adams, UGA Archway professional forconnections, she can communicate theagain. I know where the farms and campsabout the census is the perception that Colquitt County, left, and Bertha Riojas-Jasso, a program assistantAs the states largest vegetable and row crop-producingimportance of the census and explain howare located. The farmers know and trust for the University of Georgias Expanded Food and Nutritionregion, Adams says Colquitt Countys Hispanic and Latinoits none of the governments business, Program, are part of the Colquitt County Local Complete Censusit provides financial assistance to benefitme and allow me to talk directly to theor it doesnt benefit me. Its important to Committee population is critical to the census count.schools, healthcare, and other services. workers.56 SG MAGAZINE | WINTER 2020 BUSINESS + CULTURE 57'