b'EDITORS LETTERI Thought I Could 0 02 2 R E T N I WThressea H. Boyddollars in investments and the creation oftraining programs on a one-on-one basis.hundreds of new jobs.Who will represent Team South Georgia Are you ready to be counted? Since 17902020? Now in its third year, Team South the U.S. has held a census count every 10Georgia recognizes community champions years. In the 2010 Census, Georgia rankedfor their innovative spirit and the ability 31st in response rate. The Peach State needsto obtain positive results within their to do a better job. An accurate census countcommunities.ensures Georgia gets the federal dollars it Remember the childhood book The Littledeserves. We are seeking individuals representing a Engine that Could? As the small blue trainvariety of professions, including agriculture, climbed the steep mountain to deliver foodAs a grassroots effort, communities arebusiness and industry, chambers of and toys to the children on the other side,partnering with state agencies and othercommerce, community service, economic she repeated, I think I can, I think I can, Iorganizations like the Association Countydevelopment, education, healthcare,Andrea Schruijer, executive director of the Valdosta-think I can. Faster and faster, she chuggedCommissioners of Georgia (ACCG) and theleadership development, non-profits, publicLowndes County Development Authority, and Jos up the mountain until she reached theGeorgia Municipal Association (GMA) toservice, tourism, and the arts. top. On her way down, she shouted withensure Georgia gets an accurate count inde Diego Arozamena, CEO of Arglass Yamamura, are Nominees must live and work in South excitement, I thought I could, I thought Ithe 2020 Census. Valdosta State UniversitysGeorgia and have demonstrated success inon the construction site of Arglass Yamamuras firstSHAPING THEcould, I thought I could. The simple storyCenter for South Georgia Regional Impactimproving the quality of life or advancingU.S. glass container manufacturing facility. Located in has a powerful message of determinationis providing census marketing materials, and vision. Much like the little train, I startedincluding those translated in Spanish, toeconomic prosperity within theirLowndes County, the facility represents a $123 million counties across the region at no cost.community. up the mountain four years ago, and whileinvestment and the creation of more than 150 jobs. there are still more mountains to climb, IPhoto by Wes Sewell.continue to chug along.With the 10th issue of South Georgia Business + Culture Magazine completed,Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,BEGINS HEREand the start of a monthly e-newsletter,Editorwe are well on our way to changing thewhose confidence is in him. He will be like a treeThressea H. Boydconversation about South Georgia. planted by the water that sends out its roots by As the regions exclusive businessDesignerpublication, South Georgia Business +the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; itsJessica Sharp, Ink & CottonCulture Magazine provides informative and engaging articles focused on howleaves are always green. Photographersagriculture, business and industry, entrepreneurship, education, healthcare,- JEREMIAH 17:7-8 Pat Gallagher| Wes Sewellrural prosperity, economic development, tourism, the arts, and much more, all playTHBOYDan integral part in making this region aCommunications, LLCgreat place to live and work. With 36 years of healthcare experience inP.O. Box 10171In this issue, were talking about jobs!Alabama, Ronnie Dean says hes now feelingMembers of Team South Georgia 2020 willValdosta, GA 31604-0171Last year, 371 economic developmentright at home in Valdosta. As the new CEObe featured in the fall issue of South Georgia projects were announced by the state,of South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC),Business + Culture Magazine. To submit [email protected] 79 percent outside of Atlanta. InDean has quickly immersed himself as partnomination, visit sgamag.com from March 2 South Georgia, communities includingof the community and hospital team. He isthrough May 6, 2020. Adel, Bainbridge, Cairo, Camilla, Moultrie,working to maintain and build a team that Quitman, Thomasville, Tifton, and Valdostarepresents SGMC as the best place to workA special thank you to Locate South all pulled out their ceremonial gold shovelsand the best place to practice medicine. Georgia for sponsoring the 2019 Team SouthThe South Georgia Business + Culture Magazine provides a uniquePCOM SOUTH GEORGIA and red ribbons to celebrate economicGeorgia recognition luncheon.niche in the publication market within South Georgia. The magazines victories.Moving forward, Jim Glass took the helm aseditorial mission is to inform readers and create a synergyIS NOW OPEN!president of Southern Regional TechnicalWe invite you to be part of the conversation. From a four-year medical college toDo you have a suggestion for an article?surrounding South Georgias business climate, economic growth, handgun manufacturing and glassCollege last year. Building on SRTCs stellarJoin us as we continue to tell the compellingand cultural visibility.South Georgia Business + Culture Magazine2050 TALLOKAS ROAD, MOULTRIE, GA 31768 container production, food processing,reputation for workforce development,stories of growth and success in Southis published by THBoyd Communications, LLC. All rights reserved. he says the college will continue to workPCOM.EDUblockchain technology, and distributionclosely with local businesses and industryGeorgia. Send your suggestions to Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from centers, South Georgia gained millions ofpartners to develop or revamp [email protected] THBoyd Communications, LLC is prohibited. 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