b"increase efficiency in this area, we free up rooms for our higherhave to choose another location for their care and that our SGMC acuity emergency patients. Measuring, evaluating, and engagingteam across all locations becomes the first choice for care within our employees, physicians, and guests is the fastest route to thethe communities we serve.improvements our community wants to see. Weve just begun and theres much more we can and will do. We have a great teamWe can and will also distinguish ourselves by expanding of nurses, physicians, and other professionals that truly want tocapabilities and become more capable than others in what we can serve and do so with kindness and efficiency. They simply needdeliver. We already provide specialty services that are not offered our leadership support, and from there, we will become muchelsewhere and do so extremely well. We should expand based better across the entire system, unsurpassed when we focus onon the needs of the region. In doing so, we serve unmet needs what matters most. that cause people to travel, and we give ourselves the chance to become the regions destination for specialty care that cant be SGAMAG: With additional healthcare options available,responsibly provided elsewhere in the region. This is a direction how is SGMC going to reaffirm its role as a regionalwe will chart. Capability, quality of care, and how we make others hospital? feel is what we want for the communities we serve, and its what people in the community are telling me is desired and needed. To reaffirm our role as the communities destination for care, we have to win the communitys trust. I believe we will do thisAgain, Im very proud of our SGMC team. They are ready, willing, by being consistent and highly reliable in the experience weand up for this challenge. Im excited about what more we can create, in the outcomes of care we deliver and by expandingdeliver for the region of people we serve. And, I look forward to a our capabilities and reach. The end product of our work will bebright future for the SGMC health delivery system and all we have when the community says it is proud of us as their hospital; this isthe opportunity to care for along the way.very important to me. People in our community deserve to havesgmc.orga hospital they are proud of. They have a choice, and they can choose to travel elsewhere. But my desire is that no one would 2019 Team South Georgia: Sharah Denton, Heather Thomas, Shelley Zorn, Ryan Tuten, Anna Roberts Hurt, Tammy McCrary, Earl Brown, Darcy Gunter, Karen Rackley, Dug Schwalls, and Rick McCaskill. THE SUCCESS OF Who will representYOUR BUSINESS Team South Georgia2020?It's time to nominate community champions for their innovative spirit and ability to obtain exceptional IS results within their communities. Members of Team South Georgia 2020 will be featured in the fall issue OUR BUSINESS of South Georgia Business + Culture Magazine. We are seeking individuals representing a variety of professions, including agriculture, business and industry, chambers of commerce, community service, economic development, education, healthcare, leadership development, non-prot, public service, tourism, and the arts. Nominees must live and work J OIINNTTOODDAAYY in South Georgia and have demonstrated success in improving the quality of life or advancing economic JO prosperity within their community.JOIN TODAYTo submit a nomination, visit sgamag.com from March 2 -May 6, 2020. 229-247-8100 EXT. 229WWW.VALDOSTACHAMBER.COM20 SG MAGAZINE | WINTER 2020 BUSINESS + CULTURE 21"