b'reliable organization we desire and need to be to the community we serve. Rapid process improvement is the key to removingSGAMAG: How will SGMC go about shifting its focusThe last of our top four priorities is to be unmatched in our waste at every level, and we have begun to focus our collectivein becoming more patient-centered?efficiency in all we do. Being unmatched in efficiency is a efforts on this need. concerted effort to eliminate waste for our patients and guests, To me, patient-centered means all we do is about deliveringfor example, wasted time waiting. Removing unnecessary steps And last I think we as hospital and health industry leadersappropriate care, at the appropriate time, by the appropriatein a process, and streamlining how we do what we do, transfers are challenged to remain centered on why we exist. Mergers,person, with appropriate levels of engagement of the patientto the patient and guest. When we achieve all four of these acquisitions, and other market dynamics are occurring at anand their family or loved one throughout the care experience,things, we become more patient-centeredwe become the best CUSTOMIZED TRAINING &even faster pace, and sometimes the why or for what benefitand doing this always, not sometimes. To accomplish this,place to receive patient care. question is hard to answer. Hospitals and health delivery systemswe have begun by establishing our top four organizational CONTINUING EDUCATIONare very large businesses that are seemingly even more regulatedI am really pleased with our teams genuine interest in their priorities and have cascaded those down through the WITH WIREGRASS TECH than before. And, with constant change in how hospitals andorganization by setting measurable goals that supportpatients needs and how hard they work to serve their patients. physicians are reimbursed, rising costs and the rapid change infour priorities: unimpeachable credentials of our team, anWhat I hope to do overtime is bring a leadership focus on the technology and health delivery mechanisms, its easy for leadersunsurpassed patient experience, unequaled access to care, andpatient and the needs of our care teams and provide the team Are you lookingto take their eye off of why we truly exist. Yet the one and onlysupport so they can realize these patient care priorities and unmatched efficiency in all we do.for training true reason we exist is to serve and care for our patients and do itWhen we talk about unimpeachable credentials, what wegoals and ultimately be recognized for the great work they do.remarkably well each time and always.mean is that our safety and quality credentials, results andSGAMAG: What is one example of how SGMC is opportunities forSGAMAG: You mentioned talent management, how istrack record should be indisputable. When we achieve this, weproviding patients with a more positive hospital your workforce? SGMC working to recruit and retain a viable healthcarecreate the safest place for people to receive care. We want toexperience?workforce? be the safest hospital in the nation, as evidenced by our results.My top operational improvement priority is our emergency We can help. Recruiting and retaining top talent starts with being focusedAn unsurpassed patient/guest experience is simply about howroom patient experience. The first of this year, we brought on and concerned about the team of talented people we alreadywe make people feel while they receive the care they need,new physicians and new physician leadership in the ER. Our Let Wiregrass be your partnerhave. This starts with me and a daily leadership focus on how weregardless. By focusing on the idea that we are not only here toleadership team is now evaluating our efficiencies and has for Workforce Development relate to and serve one another in a positive manner. From this,deliver an expected outcome, which is first and foremost, butbegun to install new measures to better meet the needs and an organizational culture of respect and engagement emanates.also on the fact that we can provide a service environment thatpatient experience expectations of our emergency room guest. I simply believe if we want to be the best place to work and theis about compassion, kindness, dignity, and respect for eachFor example, we have put in place a few changes in how we Contact us today! individual such they know we care about them. Unsurpassed Economic Development best place to practice medicine, we will engage our employeescare for those who have to wait, one of which is lobby rounding (229) 333-2122 and physicians about what matters most to them.is about being recognized as the very best at how we maketo make sure everyone in the lobby knows we know they are [email protected] others feel while receiving care. A good part of each of my day is being out of my office and withhurting and need to be seen, that they are waiting, and that we our nursing care teams and other professionals and physiciansAnd when we speak of unequaled access to care, we wantcare enough to periodically check on them and update them Community Partners about what is causing delays. Our goal would be to never have in their work areas and offices. Through this effort, I identify withto define our system of care as the easiest to access, without ADM Alapaha Juciicial District their needs and challenges. Ive always said, and I truly believedelay or unnecessary steps, hurdles or roadblocks. To beanyone wait. A second measure that has been undertaken is the CJB Industries Coffee Regional Medical Center patient-centered is also to act with expediency, urgency, andaddition of more providers in the Express Care rooms to lower Langdale FP Elixir Door this, If you want to know how to solve a problem, gather up a few Optima Chemical Brooks County discipline and invite all who need our care into the system. the amount of time from arrival to seeing a provider. When we Partnership Health Center City of Lake Park of your trusted people, and they will more times than not tell you PCC Airfoils City of Lennox with accuracy how to solve the problem. So far, Ive been pleased Premium Waters South Georgia Regional CommissionSAFT Valdosta Fire Department with our attempts, and although Ive not met everyone yet, Im Stratas Foodswell on the way. An example of an organized effort to interact with our nurses is our Cup of Joe with the CEO series, where I have been able to have small groups of nurses meet over a cup of coffee and hear them speak as a group about what matters most to them. Weve just started. But the few times we hosted the groups, its been a very special time for me, and our participants PAT GALLAGHERhave shared a lot of insightful information. Our employees and physicians can be very helpful in charting a course for our future if we will listen. If nothing else, we want to show them respect and let them know we value their opinion. And I think thats an wiregrass.edu An Equal Opportunity InstitutionA Unit of the Technical College System of Georgia important trait of a good organizational culture, an organizationCEO Chat: Ronnie Dean, SGMC CEO, with Ortho/Neuro Unit nurses, left to right, Brooke Hammock, Amber Stanfield,Id like to be a part of.and Jessica Porter18 SG MAGAZINE | WINTER 2020 BUSINESS + CULTURE 19'