b'EXPERT CORNERTips for Being an Awesome Podcast GuestThressea Boydtopics of interest to listeners in our regionDont tell me how to build a watch. On the and beyond. Topics include business andflip side, dont give a one-word response, manufacturing, entrepreneurship andthe conversation should be a light banter rural prosperity, economic development,back-and-forth between the host and agriculture, education, healthcare, tourism,guest.and the arts.4 Avoid the elevator pitch with Once youve selected a couple of possiblea bunch of clich marketing podcast options, its time to develop themessages.pitch. Basically, what do you have to say,Its okay to have some facts, and a few and why would a podcast listener be ofdata points to interject throughout the interest?conversation. But, for the most part, you want to tell an engaging story about your Have you ever thought about being a guestIf youre successful in getting a podcastcompany or organization. on a podcast? More than 55% of the U.S.invite, here are a few tips to make sure population have listened to podcasts, andyoure an incredible guest:5 Have a good time.about 24%68 millionlisten to multiple1 Do your research. Use some appropriate humor and answer podcasts weekly.the question but do not ramble. Be relaxed. Make sure youve listened to a few previousUnlike a live radio show, most podcasts are Being a podcast guest is a great way topodcast episodes. Do you know how torecorded. So, if you have something that share your expertise and engage listenerspronounce the hosts name correctly andjust didnt sound right, discuss that with on whats happening in your business,the correct name of the podcast? Get athe host, and most likely, it can be edited organization, or community. feel for the general flow of the show andout of the final show.the hosts personality. If the host sends Getting on a podcast might be easier thanyou some prep questions, answer themBe our Guest:you think. With more than 700,000 activeand send them back ASAP. Remember, the podcasts and 29 million episodes available,We are looking for podcast guests for the host wants you both to sound good.2022 season of South Georgia Insider. The there are many options.2 Interview space: weekly discussions include business and How do you get invited to be a guest onA podcast is all about the audio, so becivic leaders and community influencers a podcast? It starts with some research.serious about where you conduct thetalking about some of the regions exciting What podcast(s) fit the message youinterview. Do not multitask during theand sometimes challenging issues. You want to convey. While being on a nationalinterview. Its evident if you are rufflingcan listen and subscribe on Apple Podcast, podcast might seem appealing, itspapers or eating lunch! Give the podcastSpotify, iHeart Podcast, or online at probably best to start at the regional orhost your full attention. Absolutely, do notsouthgeorgiainsider.buzzsprout.comlocal level.conduct the interview while you are in the In South Georgia, there are severalcar. Yes, the door slamming and engineeditor@sgamag.comchamber and governmental podcasts,starting are all being recorded.sgamag.comlike Lets Talk Thomasville and Lets Talk3 Podcasts are a conversation, not Valdosta.keynote presentations.As the host of South Georgia Insider, IHave you ever asked someone a question, have guests that share a wide range ofand then they give a 10-minute response? As a host, if I ask you, What time is it? 58 SG MAGAZINE| WINTER 2022 BUSINESS + CULTURE59'