b'EDUCATIONCONTRIBUTEDFinal Test: Wiregrass Tech students develop a blow mold training device as part of their capstone course.Innovative Results:Wiregrass Tech Students Create Manufacturing SimulatorI t was an opportunity to put their technical skillsWhile recruiting Wiregrass Tech students for mechatronic jobs, and classroom instruction to the ultimate test. Dennis Taylor, operations manager at Blue Triton, formerly Nestl Before earning their associate degrees at WiregrassWater, became interested in the capstone project. Georgia Technical College, Benjamin Sandusky,He wanted to use the skills and ingenuity of Wiregrass Tech Joseph Gaudette, Parker Metcalf, and Ryu Sindbergstudents to improve Blue Tritons mechanical training program.were required to complete a capstone course.The capstone course brings everything the students have learned together in one project, says Taylor. At the plant level, I had The capstone is the last class in the degree program, says Joshuanoticed we had some gaps in competency within our blow mold Whittington, assistant dean of Technical and Instructional Programs.systems, and I thought this would be a good project. It represents the culmination of skills and technical abilities students receive through course instruction. After presenting his idea and other suggestions, the students began brainstorming and eventually developed a blow mold Enrolled in Wiregrass Techs academically rigorous mechatronics andtraining device.engineering program, as part of the capstone course, the students designed and constructed an industrial product that meets todaysAn essential part of Blue Tritons manufacturing process, blow stringent manufacturing standards. molding involves heating plastics to a melting point and then putting the cavity into a mold. Then, compressed air inflates the molten plastic like a balloon for the bottle to get the proper shape. 10 SG MAGAZINE| WINTER 2022 BUSINESS + CULTURE11'