b'ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTCONTRIBUTEDSouth Georgiais creating the perfect spot for food and says Mahan. It came at a time when society was shifting beverage industries toto understand the process. Consumers want food that isnt processed, and local businesses are offering a tastier and often thrive. healthier options.Mahan credits Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black with Rich Agricultural Base the surge in the Georgia Grown program. When Commissioner Black was first elected, he announced the expansion of the Abundance of Georgia Grown logo to include a marketing campaign through Natural Resources the department of agriculture that promotes local Georgia producers to consumers and through supermarket campaigns. Exceptional LogisticalThe Georgia Grown program helps small to mid-size agribusiness bring their products to market. Commissioner Blacks expanded Infrastructure vision has created a great marketing campaign and team that has been the basis for many Georgia Grown members beyond Highly Skilled & traditional produce to realize dreams and great profitable success, says Mahan, who specializes in working with small and Affordable Workforce boutique agribusinesses. 26 SG MAGAZINE| WINTER 2022 BUSINESS + CULTURE27'