b'Why are we in a food 50% Moresupply chain crisis? Foodplus needed by 2050COVID Mitigation Costs Delays + Shortages Production Cost IncreasesPPE Shipping Delays Fertilizer 35%Quarantine Housing + Crop Protection 25%Healthcare Advisors Not enough drivers, Fuel 48%COVID Testing warehouses, shipping Plastics 35%Hours Lost containers, etc. Corrugated Boxes 17% Pallets 75%"Still now, 21 months after the start of the pandemic, Packing Supplies 30%we\'re spending $16,000 a month on COVID-19 Outbound Freight 40%prevention and mitigation efforts, which only Refrigerant 200%exacerbates the hurdles we\'re seeing in supply chaindelays and rising production costs"Jon Schwalls, Executive Officer | Southern ValleyThe Solution?Build a sustainable FOOD Supply plan.One solution to consider is building a new agriculture processing facility. Colquitt County iswell-positioned to house this type of facility with our long grow season, abundant naturalresources, and a thriving agricultural industry ready to jump to action.CREATE LONG-TERM JOBSKEEP THE FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN MOVINGELIMINATE FOOD WASTENEED MORE INFO? Barbara Grogan | Moultrie-Colquitt County Development Authority229.921.1457 | bgrogan@selectmoultrie.com | www.SelectMoultrie.com32 SG MAGAZINE| WINTER 2022 BUSINESS + CULTURE33'