b'Taylor says that the blow mold process typically involves 24 to 30 different stations. Quickly identifying and fixing mechanical problems is crucial in preventing production delays. The training device provides a safe and hands-on training experience. Also used for troubleshooting, the device can identify potential problems like stuck valves, low air pressure, shorts, low voltage, program errors, maintenance needs, and lack of specific conditions.A new employee can learn and practice on the simulator before ever touching the real equipment, Whittington says. It canHigh-tech: Having hands-on access toindustrial equipment, like the pictured also help existing employees that need toprogrammable logic controller, is a valuable part of the rigorous training for students sharpen their skills. enrolled inWiregrass Techs mechatronics and engineering program. A new employee can learn and practice on the simulator before ever touching the real equipment. It can also help existing employees that need to sharpen their skills.- JOSHUA WHITTINGTONAllowing the students to work directlyThe students were able to successfullyabout workforce development, and this is with a local industry was essential to thebuild what I consider the nations first blowan excellent example of how our instructors projects overall success.simulator, Taylor says. They met all thework with local industry in educating our criteria set at the beginning. They did astudents and meeting industry needs. This was the largest capstone projectphenomenal job, and the final result was pursued by Wiregrass mechatronic andbeyond my expectations.A high-demand career, mechatronics is engineering students, Whittington says.a multidisciplinary field of engineering Along with the technical skills, the studentsWiregrass Techs mission is to preparethat includes mechanical engineering, learned to work as a team and designatestudents for the workforce through hands-onrobotics, electronics, computer engineering, responsibilities, and overcome obstacles.experience. telecommunications engineering, systems engineering, and control engineering. During the multi-step process, the studentsThis was such an exciting project for our created the idea, designed the device,students to be part of, and we are very proudwirgrass.edudeveloped a budget and list of requiredof the ingenuity and skills they put into this materials, constructed the device, andsimulator for Blue Triton, says Wiregrass performed the final testing. President DeAnnia Clements. Wiregrass is 10 SG MAGAZINE| WINTER 2022 BUSINESS + CULTURE11'