b'PROFILESCONTRIBUTEDPlay Ball: The Miracle League Complex at Freedom Park opened in March 2019 and is home to the nations largest Miracle Field. Considered by many as the crownDuring the Miracle League season,In 2018, Gibbs was recognized as jewel in VLPRAs Freedom Park, thewhich lasts about six weeks,the State Volunteer of the Year by $1.6 million Miracle League of Valdostaplayers learn the fundamentals ofthe Georgia Recreation and Park complex includes a two-dimensionalbaseball. Each athlete is assigned aAssociation for his determination and rubberized field with fully accessiblevolunteerknown as a buddytoefforts in starting the Miracle League dugouts, restrooms, concession stand,help throughout the game. Assistanceof Valdosta.pavilion, and playground.includes batting the ball, rounding thevaldostamiracles.orgbases, getting into field position, and throwing the ball, depending on each athletes abilities.Over the next 10 years, I worked around the clock sharing with everyone that would listen why we needed a Miracle League in Valdosta.- ANDY GIBBS46 SG MAGAZINE| WINTER 2022 BUSINESS + CULTURE47'