b'EDUCATIONDuring the pandemic, VSU drew national attention when weThe result of a multi-year planning effort, the new college launched a concierge coaching model of student support inwas the collaborative vision of Carvajal and many others at which trained and caring staff have regular contact with a smallthe university.group of students to provide ongoing encouragement andThis new college is designed with the goal of helping many to help them with any needs, says Dr. Rodney Carr, VSU vicemore adult learners complete their degree, Carvajal says. president for Student Success and the new colleges director. Our faculty and staff take pride in being innovative leaders This model will now be used to help students in the newin Georgia and beyond, and they will play a big role in the college get answers to any question they may have, plus thesupport and success of the students in our new Online ongoing support needed to get more of them to the finish line ofCollege for Career Advancement.graduation.We know that there are far too many Georgians trying to Carr also noted that rather than having to wait for traditionalcomplete degrees from an institution outside our state, semesters to begin, students can enroll in the new collegeCarr says. We want them to know that there is a more weekly, and all classes will last just eight weeks and have aaffordable option closer to home with all the personal common look and feel. The Online College for Careerattention and convenience they have come to appreciate All classes have been designed by professional courseAdvancement will offer eightand expect.designers, thus freeing up our faculty to focus their time on providing students with an outstanding and highly personalizeddegrees, including: valdosta.eduexperience with regular and fast feedback, he says.Bachelor of Business Administration in ManagementBachelor of Business Administration in General BusinessBachelor of Science in Organizational LeadershipBachelor of Science in Psychology South Georgia Insider PodcastSG Insider Podcast with host Thressea H. BoydBachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education In each episode, we will chat with business and civic leaders and community inuencers about whats Bachelor of Science in Criminalhappening throughout South Georgia.Justice Listen On:Bachelor of Science in Computersouthgeorgiainside.buzzsprout.comInformation SystemsBachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies60 SG MAGAZINE | SPRING 2021 BUSINESS + CULTURE 61'