b'TOURISMThe Farm Passport is a collection of GFB Certified FarmEach location is unique, with some offering pick-your-own Markets that sell directly on the farm, offer tours or otheroptions, corn mazes, educational activities, and a host of educational activities, or have a market that sells Georgiaspecial events. Extend your Georgia adventure by visiting foods and products. nearby parks and historical places or trying out new restaurants along the farm routes. You can even turn a day According to Kelly Henry, GFB certified farm markettrip into a weekend excursion by lodging in quaint inns coordinator, market participation has more than doubled,and state parks.and farm visits have tripled since the program started. People love the passport for its opportunity to meet theGetting your passport stamped offers hours of fun and farmers, new friends, spend special time with their family,adventure, and there are various levels of prizes, including and discover Georgia. a farm-to-table dinner for travelers with 20 or more stamps in their 2021 Georgia Farm Passport. The deadline In 2020, farm passport travelers made more than 6,000to submit passports for prizes is Jan. 7, 2022.visits to GFB Certified Farm Market sites, up from 2,400 visits in 2019.The Georgia Farm Passport is available at Georgia Farm Bureau offices and at the 83 Certified Farm Market The number of people visiting farms during thelocations. pandemic surprised me on the one hand and yet, made complete sense with the outdoor markets, fresh producegfb.ag/passport [email protected] peaceful, homegrown atmosphere, Henry says. We have seen a large number of repeat participants, and we hope to again this year along with new ones.Stream us live at talk921.com or foxsportsvaldosta.com2325 US Highway 84 E, Valdosta| Notary Service Available44 SG MAGAZINE | SPRING 2021 BUSINESS + CULTURE 45'