b'SMALL BUSINESSGreat American Cobbler CompanyFamily Farm to Family TableThe Great American Cobbler CompanyWhile getting their cars serviced, the ideaGACC products are handcrafted using (GACC) wants to bring a little taste of theof a cobbler company started with a casualthe highest quality products, including farm to home across Georgia and beyond.conversation between Russ Goodman and100 percent American-grown fruit. Our Chris Huff. cobblers have 45 percent whole fruit vs. Located in Homerville, Georgia, theindustry average 23 percent, he says. They companys ownership includes Russ andWhen Russ first approached us with theare handcrafted with real butter and cane Carra Goodman; Johnny and Joy Crumbley;idea, we met with Chris, and he brought asugar.Donna Kane; Ben and Tina Strickland; andsample cobbler and pot pie for us to try, Chris and Laura Huff.says Tina Strickland. After that, we had aThe GACC current product line features lot of decisions to make.ready-to-bake blueberry, blackberry, peach, Providing the fresh berries, the Goodmanand apple cobblers; and traditional chicken, and Crumbley families are blueberry farmersIt has been a group effort, and findingcreole chicken, and cheeseburger pot pies.in Clinch County, and the Stricklands growa manufacturing facility became one of blackberries in nearby Lanier County.the biggest challenges. We searchedOur mission is to bring an award-winning across South Georgia for a building, shedessert from our familys farm to your On the production and distributionsays. Once we decided on the building infamilys table, says Tina, who helps manage side, Chris and Laura Huff bring foodHomerville, which was owned by Dole, itGACC finances. People want to know manufacturing experience. I have 22 yearshad to be upgraded and fitted to meet ourwhere their food comes from and want to of food development, manufacturing, andneeds.buy local when they can. They also know sales, including owning facilities, says Chriswere a family business.Huff. Laura retired from Kroger after 23Launching a business, especially in food plus years. manufacturing, during a pandemicCurrently available in locally-owned retail presented some challenges. It was difficultstores, GACC representatives are working Blending the farming and productiongetting equipment and supplies, Chris says.with several national grocery store chains to experience has been an essential part of theAlso, the whole sales process has changed.place products. companys early success. How we go to market transformed from in-person relationship to virtual meetings.Our mission is to bring an award-winning dessert from our familys farm to your familys table. People want to know where their food comes from and want to buy local when they can. They also know were a family business.- TINA STICKLANDFarm-to-Family: Headquartered in Homerville, the Great American Cobbler Company ownership includes Russ and Carra Goodman; Johnny and Joy Crumbley; Donna Kane; Ben and Tina Strickland; and Chris and Laura Huff. 36 SG MAGAZINE | SPRING 2021 BUSINESS + CULTURE 37'