b"LEADERSHIPEnay Coaching: Not a quick fix, Dixon saysworking with the student andidentifying their skills, and then business training is a process thatparents to get career-focused. through getting involved with clubs Leading from a Place of Servicetakes time. We help companiesand organizations and through Enay Coachings certified, expert create frameworks within theirtutors work in all subject areascommunity and church activities E nay Coaching started its mission to prepare emerging leaders through a Bible study with studentsorganization that specifically fitand grade levels. They alsothey can expand their levels of from Valdosta State University.their needs. Its not a microwaveinterests and build more skills. approach to get employees fromprovide SAT, ACT, and Accuplacer We started talking about Biblical principles of leadership, says Elton Dixon, co-founder of Enaypoint A to B; it has to be deliberatepreparation to assess collegeDixon often tells students, Take Coaching. Our discussions centered on how through serving others, we grow and challenge ourselves. and built into the companysreadiness.on the jobs nobody wants, and culture. then there will always be plenty of Through classroom instruction,work. When you can excel at things On the educational side, EnayEnay Coaching provides characteryou dont necessarily like, you will Coaching provides a broadand leadership developmentbecome even more excellent with range of academic coaching andprograms.your skills and gifts.We talk about what it means to beindividualized tutoring services.The classroom training prepares Part of Enay Coachings curriculum a leader, and to be introspective,Our academic coaching supportstudents to become betterhas been embedded within course and examine ourselves first beforegoes beyond tutoring, which isworkers, says Dixon, who servesstandards for Georgias CTAE on the Valdosta-Lowndes County going out to be an example to others.when a student needs help with aChamber of Commerce Board[Career, Technical, and Agricultural specific area or skill, Dixon says.Education] Business Management We have challenging conversationsAcademic coaching is the wholeof Directors and the Southand Administration-Finance Career Georgia Workforce Development about tough issues and vulnerablepicture approach where we areBoard. It allows them to startClusters. moments that make them stronger while building leadership skills.- ELTON DIXON New from Enay CoachingThis is theFIELD GUIDEServant-leadership is at the foundation of Enay Coaching, which Dixon and his wife, Adrienne, started in 2014, to provide education and workforce development servicesjournalto businesses, organizations, school districts and families. Other Enay Coaching team members include Chioma Davis, Charlie Davis, Sloane Grey, Damian Grey, and Johnwork bookShelton. We are far better described as a family than co-workers,for the young, up-and-comingDixon says. Of all the things I experience as a leader, hearing and reading the incredible testimonials that comeservant -leader in your life.from parents, students, and other community members who have interacted with my teammates is one of theOrder yours online at enaycoaching.com/the-bookgreatest thrills I could ask for. Dixon, a 1996 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, says,be a sponsorWe have an established training for businesses and thenProceeds from book sales support our work with youth in Georgia's foster care systemcustomize it based on their specific needs. Communication and leadership development are two main areas businessesYou can also sponsor book sets for clubs and foster group homes.seek training.30 SG MAGAZINE | SPRING 2021 BUSINESS + CULTURE 31"