b'EDUCATION$299PER CREDIT HOUR, ALL INCLUSIVE VSU ONLINE TUITION RATEValdosta State UniversityOnline College for Career Advancement W hy do more than 67,000 of Georgias online adult learners choose to pay more to attend an out-of-state college? Beginning this summer, the answer is that they will no longer need to.The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia recently approved Valdosta State Universitys new Online College for Career Advancement. This new college builds upon lessons learned from well-known national online providers to create a best-in-class option inhigher costs charged by institutions like Georgia, only at a lower cost. the University of Phoenix or Southern New For too long Georgians looking for high-touch personal attention, ease of transfer creditHampshire University, says VSU President acceptance, and an easy-to-navigate highly flexible degree have been forced to pay theRichard A. Carvajal. The launch of VSUs new Online College for Career Advancement will forever change that.The new college offers students a re-imagined admission process designed Our faculty and staff take pride inspecifically for returning students, eight of being innovative leaders in Georgiathe most sought-after bachelors programs among those seeking career advancement, and beyond, and they will play a bigand an innovative model for providing role in the support and success of theconcierge-level support at every stage of a students in our new Online Collegestudents degree path.Tuition for the new college will be among for Career Advancement. the most affordable in the nation. At $299 per credit hour, it is more affordable than - DR. RICHARD CARVAJAL all leading national competitors. The new all-inclusive rate also includes all course materials, and students will not be charged any additional fees.58 SG MAGAZINE | SPRING 2021 BUSINESS + CULTURE 59'