b'CULTUREBringing Nashville Soundsto South GeorgiaBy: Rachel ElizondoA ustin McAlpin has a wealth of traditional country music knowledge. When talking about a group or artist, he can name their top hits just off the top of his head. As a young boy growing up in Moultrie, McAlpin listened to traditional country, but never dreamed he would make music his career.For those who have attended a country music performance in South Georgia, there is a good chance McAlpin Entertainment produced the event. Officially starting his business in 2012, McAlpin has brought artists Mark Chestnut, Joe Diffie, Joe Nichols, Marty Stewart, Travis Tritt, Lee Ann Womack, and more to South Georgia. I just had a wild idea and thought it might work, and it has so far.- AUSTIN MCALPINLocated in Tifton, McAlpin Entertainment specializes in concert production and consultation, talent buying, and online artist marketing. The idea for the business struck McAlpin when he was in his early 20s, after putting together a party that turned into an outdoor concert with five locally known musicians. Using a flatbed trailer for a stage and 2x4s with black tarps for a backdrop, McAlpin says 500 people paid cash at the entrance for his concert in the small town of Pavo. I wasnt planning on doing it as a business at the time, says McAlpin, but the next day, he realized it was something he could do for a living. At the start, it was something fun. I didnt feel like that I was working, says McAlpin. And I made some pretty decent money for something that was just supposed to be a get together to hang out with my friends. 58 SG MAGAZINE| FALL 2019 BUSINESS + CULTURE59'