b'SMALL BUSINESSSouthern DimensionsFood Truck Frenzy maximized for efficiency What started as push carts selling hotdogs and hand-heldand flow.sandwiches on busy downtown streets, food trucks have morphedSimilar to building into a thriving industry. a house, once the Tracy Bennett, with Southern Dimensions Group in Waycross,design is finalized, then says they recently built a customized food trailer for Guy Fieri, theconstruction starts. famous chef and host of the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Guys Grocery Games. At any time, we may have 40 projects goingCustomer Designed: Tracy Bennett with Bennett says Fieri contacted Southern Dimensions to buildthrough our assemblySouthern Dimensions Group in Waycrossa customized food truck to feed first responders and otherline setup, says Bennett. emergency personnel. He started feeding first responders andWe even customize the outside by adding the companys name people who were impacted by the fires in California a couple ofand logo.years ago. Now he travels all over, even going to NASCAR races and big music festivals, places where first responders are working. Established in 2002, Southern Dimensions started with outfitting the existing frames on cargo trailers. Now we do the entire Fieris food trailer will aid the chef in his humanitarian work. Heprocess, says Bennett. We build the trailers from frame to finish.had specific ideas of what he wanted, says Bennett. We worked with him to meet all of them, and so far, it has It has been theSouthern Dimensions moved its operation to Waycross in largest food trailer weve built. 2014, when another national trailer manufacturer relocated its facility.When they closed, it left many experienced workers The customization process isnt just for celebrity chefs, Bennettdisplaced, says Bennett. We decided to move to Waycross says all orders are built to the customers specification andbecause of the available skilled workforce.30 SG MAGAZINE| FALL 2019 BUSINESS + CULTURE31'