b'On the Move: Revitalization Transforming Downtown Moultrie F rom historical renovations and added green space, to new boutiques and restaurants, Downtown Moultrie isnt missing a beat when it N TOW N OW D comes to revitalization.Its all coming together, says Amy Johnson, downtown economic development and public relations director for the City of Moultrie. All the activity today is because of the foundation that was laid years ago. Tasked with managing Moultries Main Street program, Johnson says it hasnt been an overnight success. Starting in 2001, the first hint of revitalization began with the City of Moultrie and Colquitt County completing a joint streetscape project. The city and county received a transportation grant for sidewalks including around the courthouse square, says Johnson. At the same time, the county was renovating the courthouse, which was originally constructed in 1901.A domino effect, Johnson says when the courthouse renovations and streetscape projects started, downtown businesses started renovating and buildings were being sold. Through the years, Johnson says projects have been completed; however, nothing as major as what we currently in the works. Year-after-year, the foundation continues to strengthen. The next wave of change came in 2015, with the adoption of a downtown enhancement plan. Community stakeholder gathered to create a plan, which now serves as Downtown Moultries roadmap for future growth.54 SG MAGAZINE| FALL 2019 BUSINESS + CULTURE55'