b'Construction on the third park continues on the site of theHome Sweet Homeformer Sportsman Restaurant, once a popular gathering placeWith green space sprouting up and renovation projects ongoing, that has been vacant since 2003.Moultrie is also becoming a residential hub.The downtown area is becoming more of a destination forDowntown is a hot spot, says Johnson. We have more people families to shop, eat, and be a part of all the events, sayswanting to live downtown, which is good because that brings Dekle. The purpose is to continue growing and building onthe need for more shops and restaurants. that momentum to attract more high-quality businesses and bring more people downtown. Through the renovation of the former Belk Hudson department store, the buildings top floor is being transformed into eight Johnson says the creation of the parks, along with improvedapartments, with space on the main floor available for retail and parking and streetscape work, has brought new life todining. Moultries downtown area. Johnson noted it is difficult to find a business that wants toWe continue to enhance downtown, says Johnson, a nativeinvest in a massive downtown building. However, the Downtown of Moultrie. With a united vision, things are happening, andDevelopment Authority was able to negotiate a long-term lease people are taking a lot of pride in their downtown. with Hal Carter, a developer with extensive experience in historic renovations, to take on the Belk Hudson project. Creating a sustainable infrastructure is also part of Main Streets enhancement plan. With help from a U.S. DepartmentWe are fortunate to have secured a developer to turn the of Agriculture grant, the Downtown Development Authoritybuilding into apartments. Mr. Carter has a tremendous will install a fiber ring that includes security cameras. reputation with historic renovations, says Johnson, about the renovation of the Colquitt Hotel and Red Building. Gathering Spot: Downtown Moultries Pocket Park The cameras offer more than security, they will also be a plus for tourism, says Johnson. In the future, we hope to add Wi-Fi and speakers.56 SG MAGAZINE| FALL 2019 BUSINESS + CULTURE57'