34 S G M A G A Z I N E | FA L L 2 0 1 8 grow our business at the mall,” McKinnon said. “If we hadn’t done the pop-up shop I am not sure if we would have made a move to a larger store.” Santana said His and Hers Clothes is just one example of a business that can benefit from a pop-up experience. “The pop-up concept is ideal for boutiques, gift shops, and specialty merchandise,” Santana said. “This is not only a great opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base, but it also gives our shoppers a chance to see new merchandise.” Online businesses could also benefit from a pop-up experience. “The Valdosta Mall is the retail hub for this region,” Santana said. “Having a storefront for even one or two weeks can help build a company’s brand and introduce an online business to a whole new set of customers.” Santana encourages any business, whether just starting or wanting to expand, to give the pop-up concept a try. “We are here to help all of our tenants succeed,” she said. “Not only do we provide a great location, along with the fixtures and signage, but we also help market the pop-up shop through our social media and overall marketing efforts.” Shaneka Swinson and Jeffrey McKinnon took advantage of Valdosta Mall’s pop-up space and expanded their clothing business.