B U S I N E S S + C U LT U R E 25 SGaMag: What are Archbold Medical Center’s strengths, and what are some of the challenges the hospital is looking to overcome? Mustian: Clearly, our greatest strength is our people. Every day, I have the pleasure to work with a talented and motivated team that is focused on providing the best patient experience possible. Yes, we have state-of-the-art technology and unique facilities. But our physicians, nurses, other clinicians and support personnel make things happen here—and at a level consistently recognized for excellence nationally, in Georgia and locally. As we look to the future, we see many challenges on the horizon—rising costs of healthcare, declining reimbursements, changes in the way healthcare is delivered—but I feel confident we’ll be able to face those challenges with success because of our people. SGaMag: What are some of the goals and projects that Archbold Medical Center has established to help move forward? Mustian: We have a strategic plan that guides us through our path for the next few years. It’s designed to ensure we’re providing the best care in the region, and that we’re a destination for those who seek care. Big picture—we’re looking to optimize our clinical services and programs, improve operational effectiveness, work on population health management and value-driven care initiatives, ensure a strong medical staff, and ensure our health system is vibrant and provides care for many years to come. There are well over 100 action items within the plan that keep us very busy! On a smaller scale, a very meaningful meeting I attend is our morning huddle. Every morning, about 40 members of our clinical and administrative leadership team meet for a status update on our nursing floors and other key areas of Archbold is experiencing what most hospitals are experiencing across the country, and especially in this region: The landscape of healthcare is changing. The changes that are now taking place in healthcare are driving the most profound and fundamental restructuring of the financing and delivery of care in the past 100 years. - J. PERRY MUSTIAN J. Perry Mustian President & CEO Archbold Medical Center