South Georgia Insider Podcast 2

Welcome to the South Georgia Insider Podcast. We are thrilled that you are part of the conversation. In each episode, we will chat with business and civic leaders and community influencers about the exciting—and sometimes challenging things happening throughout South Georgia.

Topics will range from business and manufacturing to entrepreneurship and rural prosperity, economic development, agriculture, education, healthcare, tourism, and the arts.

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Join us next time as we continue to highlight why South Georgia is a great place to live, work, and play.

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#27: Darrell Moore: VSU Center for South Georgia Regional Impact

#26: Moultrie and Colquitt County: Barbara Grogan

#25: Wiregrass Tech: Business & Industry Partners

#24: SGMC: CEO Ronald Dean

#23: Lowndes High School & Ace Electric: An Apprenticeship Model

#22: Brandie Dame: Adel Becomes a Classic Main Street

#21: SRTC President Jim Glass

#20: Growing SEEDS of Business Success: Betty Morgan

#19: Kristin Hanna: Boys and Girls Club of Valdosta

#18: PCOM South Georgia: Developing a Physician Pipeline

#17: Valdosta Lowndes Parks & Recreation: An All-star Program

#16: Shelley Zorn: Imagine Thomasville

#15: Turner Center for the Arts: A Cultural Experience

#14: A City Without Limits: Valdosta Mayor Scott James Matheson

#13: Getting to Know Christie Moore, Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber

#012: Tina Anderson: Giving Work a Good Name

#011: Conversation with Chris Clark, Georgia Chamber

#010: Lowndes County Moving Forward

#009: Are You Ready to Travel?

#008: Focus on Berrien County

#007: United Way Agencies Serving During COVID-19

#006: Servant Leadership

#005: Wiregrass Tech Update with Crissy Staley

#004: Legislative Talk with Rep. John LaHood

#003: A Regional Approach to Economic Growth

#002: Saving America’s Family Farms

#001: Introducing South Georgia Insider, October 19, 2020





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    • Thressea Boyd Post author

      Jocob, thanks for your interest in the SG Insider Podcast. We had to pause the podcast due to production schedules but hope to get it started back soon. Feel free to email me directly at regarding the podcast and SG Insider. –Thressea Boyd