Chris Clark: The New Georgia Economy

Chris Clark, President/CEO Georgia Chamber

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, along with our local and regional chambers of commerce, are fierce defenders of free enterprise and we all work tirelessly to keep, grow, establish and create jobs to make Georgia a better and stronger state for business. As the state’s largest business advocacy organization, the Chamber’s leadership and thought advocacy promote growth and prosperity for every corner of our state. We do this by working with businesses of all sizes, community leaders, statewide press and non-profits along with state, local and federal government. We focus on business and economic development, advocacy, policy and leadership and political engagement to create a better state of business.

In 2017, the Chamber redoubled our focus and commitment on growing rural Georgia. After 102 years, the Chamber opened its first regional office; the Center for Rural Prosperity in Tifton, Georgia. The Rural Prosperity Council’s 70+ members are dedicated to promoting economic opportunity and mobility; helping launch more successful small businesses; supporting our military and defense industries; and assisting to recruit, train and keep a world class talent base. We also launched the Rural Prosperity Summit which brings together rural leaders to share best practices, healthcare solutions, education, workforce, housing, economic development trends and tactics, civil health and entrepreneurship.

To further advance these issues, in January, the Chamber announced a new strategic plan called The New Georgia Economy. Georgia’s economy offers incredible new opportunities along with new challenges as we address six key pillars to future economic success: big data and security, talent and leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, global commerce and competitiveness, advanced corporate and university research and development, and physical infrastructure and assets.

To help businesses prepare for changes in the economy, The New Georgia Economy Series tour began on April 25 and will travel the state through June. The tour will stop at six locations (Cartersville, Albany, Athens, Warner Robins, Newnan and Augusta).  There will be leaders from around the state to help Georgians learn about talent development, cyber security and other business developments. To learn more about the strategic plan and the tour, visit

The Georgia Chamber, the US Chamber and your local chambers of the commerce are all valuable resources dedicated to your growth and prosperity.


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