Breaking the ‘Grass Ceiling’: Women Are Changing the Agricultural Landscape

Women are involved in every aspect of agriculture as farm owners, scientists, economists, veterinarians, agribusiness leaders, and hundreds of jobs that help sustain agriculture throughout the U.S.

Once regarded as a male-dominated profession, the U.S. Department of Agriculture now counts approximately 1 million women as “farm operators.” In Georgia, where agriculture ranks as the No. 1 industry and contributes approximately $74.3 billion in annual economic impact, 29 percent of the state’s farmers are women.




Brooks Gibbs: An Entrepreneurial Spirit

In a community where most farmers claim a multi-generation farming heritage, Eric and Brooks Gibbs are unique. As a first generation farming family, the Gibbs started growing mostly peas and butter beans. Almost 20 years later, Gibbs Farms is a major farming operation that includes a packing facility and retail store located near Abbeville in Wilcox County.




Sarah Cook: Promoting Georgia’s Agricultural

Industry Across the U.S.


Sarah Cook is on a mission. From north to south and east to west, she is promoting Georgia’s robust agricultural industry across the country. As the new director of domestic trade with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Cook is touting the importance of Georgia’s agricultural industry, which generates more than 383,000 jobs to the state’s workforce.






Sheila Calhoun Rice: Carrying on a Family Tradition

From sunup to sundown, Shelia Calhoun Rice can be found working on the family farm. When asked about her job title, she laughed and said, “Whatever needs to be done, that’s my job title.”

A fourth-generation farmer, Calhoun who works alongside her parents, Gerald and Joyce Calhoun, and brother Brad Calhoun, said that during the busy season an average day is between 14 to 15 hours.




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